Frequently Asked Questions List

I just signed up! What is next?

Once we receive payment after you sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out a short form providing us with some basic details surrounding your requirements. We’ll review your response and let you know within 1-3 business days. If everything looks good we’ll immediately look through our database and job boards for a suitable candidate. All-in-all, it typically takes around 2 weeks for us to have 3 prime candidates who’ve passed our screening process.

How much time will I save?

By utilizing Lazar & Company, you can save up to 60 hours a week! Our seasoned expertise in administrative tasks allows us to tackle them quickly and efficiently.

I have a virtual assistant. What should I delegate first?

Typically, our clientele tends to prioritize the delegation of email inbox management and calendar organization. These seemingly innocuous duties often consume a significant amount of time. By entrusting these responsibilities to us, you will regain valuable hours in your day.

I don’t have time to train someone. Can you still help?

We understand the importance of matching you with an assistant who possesses the necessary expertise. While you will need to familiarize them with the intricacies of your particular business, the good news is that they have already accomplished comparable tasks for other clients and possess extensive experience in remotely catering to clients.

Why should I pick Lazar & Company?

We offer tailored, high-quality services for C-Level Executives, small business owners, and industry leaders. Our team is highly experienced, provides prompt responses, and ensures security with robust measures. We offer flexible terms with no long-term commitments and an easy onboarding process. We also provide resources to help you understand the benefits of having a virtual assistant.

Can I talk to someone about my unique needs before I commit to anything?

Absolutely, we welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you. It's common for our clients to request a consultation prior to starting with us. This helps us ensure we can match you with an assistant who can adeptly support your needs.

How are our assistants vetted?

We accept applications and referrals from assistants already a part of our team. We only choose US-based assistants with a college education and relevant work experience. All of our assistants undergo a comprehensive background check. We thoroughly investigate their social media and speak with their references.

Can I have multiple assistants?

Yes of course! We can accommodate you with as many as you need. When utilizing multiple assistants, we choose one to be the main point of contact for you while they supervise the rest of your team.

How does your pricing structure work?

You’ll Pick a monthly plan based on the number of hours you need. Your assistant will proactively make sure they’re helping in additional areas to make sure they’re maximizing those hours. Your assistant will keep notes of what they are spending the hours on and will use our timecard system to track them. Hours do not roll over month to month, but you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

How are the assistants trained?

All of our assistants are already specialists In their fields and have college educations. We pride ourselves in offering assistants that have already been trained and mastered their craft.

What skills do your assistants already have?

Our assistants are diverse and are professionals in many different skills and industries. Talk to us to discuss your needs so we can fit the right fit for you.

What other support do you offer?

Our assistants have access to an account manager who talks with them about how to best help their clients and suggests new ways to assist. We also help fill additional needs on demand. At any time, if you need a new or different assistant, we are just an email away and can meet your hiring needs quickly.