How it works

Getting Started

Integrating a virtual executive assistant into your team can be challenging. We simplify the process. We're dedicated to sourcing top-tier talent tailored to your business needs, ensuring your peace of mind. Leave the search to us, and focus on what you do best. Our three-step approach guarantees you'll find the perfect fit.

Three Step Hiring Process

Define Your Virtual Assistant's Skill Set

Recognizing the specific skills you desire in your virtual executive assistant is crucial. This enables us to pinpoint the ideal candidates tailored to your business needs. We acknowledge that each business is distinct, with its own set of demands.

Hence, detailing your requirements is essential. The more information you provide, the better we can match you with the right assistant. Here's what we'd like to know.

  • Work Qualifications: Specify the programs your virtual assistant needs to know.
  • Work Schedule: Define the ideal daily or weekly hours.
  • Weekly Commitment: Indicate the total hours needed per week.
  • Time Zone: Highlight your preferred operational time zone.
  • Primary Language: Choose the main communication language.
  • Multilingual Skills: Detail additional languages and their proficiency levels.

We Select The Best Match Based On Your Specifications

After you've outlined your desired virtual executive assistant attributes, our team jumps into action to identify your ideal match.

Here's how our team refines the selection for your virtual assistant:

  • We reach out to candidates that align perfectly with your criteria.
  • Potential matches undergo a comprehensive screening process.
  • We verify their compatibility with your preferred time zone.
  • If you're not satisfied with our selection we will find a better suited candidate according to your feedback

Transparency And Efficiency

To ensure transparency and efficiency, we offer the following weekly insights into your Virtual Assistant's performance:

  • Time Tracking: Monitor your assistant's weekly activities.
  • Daily Progress Overview: Stay updated on tasks accomplished.
  • Log-in/Log-out Records: Track their weekly work schedule.
  • Daily Task Summary: Understand the scope of work handled each week..
  • Weekly Work Duration: Review the total hours committed weekly.

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