The Help

Virtual assistants should be more than just support staff. They are strategic partners who help executives achieve their goals by leveraging their own unique strengths and expertise. They understand the business, its goals, and its challenges, and work alongside executives to help them be more productive, efficient, and effective.

They are proactive, anticipating the needs of the executive and taking action before being asked. They are excellent communicators, both verbally and in writing, and are able to effectively represent the executive in various situations. They are organized and efficient, able to manage complex schedules, prioritize tasks, and keep track of details. They are also tech-savvy, able to use various tools and software to streamline processes and improve productivity.

Finding a high level Virtual Assistant requires a different approach than simply hiring an assistant. It is important to take the time to clearly define the role, expectations, and desired outcomes, and to look for candidates who have the necessary skills, experience, and mindset.

The interview process should be thorough, allowing the candidate to demonstrate their abilities and approach to the role.

Ultimately, partnering with a Virtual Assistant can be a game-changer for executives, enabling them to focus on their core responsibilities and achieve their goals. It is an investment in the success of the business, and can lead to a significant return in terms of productivity, efficiency, and impact.